The ‘Food in Care’ resource pack provides practical support for those who look after Children in Care (CiC) and has been co-designed with experienced foster carers, providing a detailed insight into the needs of CiC, and a comprehensive understanding of practical tools and ideas that carers and other professionals can use in everyday situations when providing child care.

Aim of this resource

The main aims of the ‘Food in Care’ resource pack are to provide carers with a tool to support them in a range of food behaviour challenges that they may face with children in their care; to support them in providing a healthy environment, and to contribute to better health outcomes for CiC.

Who should use it?

The resource pack can be used by anyone who has a direct or indirect role in, and responsibility for, promoting the quality of life of children in their care. This includes:

  • foster carers
  • family and friends carers (or in other words connected carers)
  • individual residential workers
  • support staff and managers
  • family support workers
  • independent review officers
  • Looked After Children (LAC) nurses and school nurses
  • prospective adopters

The resource pack will also be of benefit to parents and families being supported by Children’s Social Services and for families where the Local Authority shares parental responsibility with the parent.

A note about this resource pack

This resource pack provides guidelines to help carers to explore issues associated with food and to support children and young people in care. The majority of the guidelines will be adaptable for children of all ages. However, as each child/young person is different, an individual approach should always be taken. The tips included in this pack should be treated as supportive recommendations and guidance rather than definitive procedures or strategies.